Talkrabbenweg im Feuerbacher Wald – in the Feuerbach Forest

Talkrabbenweg Feuerbach

Trains at Hawksburn Station. ​ Another photo from 35 years ago – November 1978 on All Saints Day, a holiday in Germany. This is along the Talkrabbenweg (translates to Crow Valley Way) in the Feuerbacher Forest (Talkrabbenweg im Feuerbacher Wald). Feuerbach is a suburb of Stuttgart in southwestern Germany: Der Feuerbacher Talkrabbenweg führt auf einer…

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Hochwildschutzpark Ehrengrund Gersfeld

Wildpark Gersfeld

Today’s post is something a bit different. These photos were taken in 1978 – more than 35 years ago! The photos were taken in October of that year in the Hochwildschutzpark Ehrengrund Gersfeld in the Rhön region of Germany. If this next bit makes no sense, try Google Translate! Der Wildpark Gersfeld (auch Hochwildschutzpark Ehrengrund…

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