Rothwell’s Bridge, Little River

Rothwell's Bridge, Little River

Rothwell's Bridge at Little River, on the old Melbourne Road, is a significant technical accomplishment for the times. Constructed in 1866 it has four 7.6m bluestone arch spans that carry a roadway of 6.35m width. The bridge and approaches were partially destroyed by flood in September 1880, but reconstructed in the next year using the original section and widening the approaches.

Rothwell's Bridge is four span structure with piers separating the central two arches from the end ones. The structure is faced with rusticated bluestone masonry and has substantial abutments. Features are the voussoirs, imposts, string courses and piers.

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This photo was taken from the northern bank of the Little River, on the western side of the bridge in the late afternoon August sunlight. The grasses and wild canola flowers provide an interesting foreground and the dark clouds give the scene that classic "postcard" look.

About the photography - Olympus Pen EP-3, using an Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 lens set at 14mm (35mm eq. of 28mm)

Rothwell’s Bridge, Little River – Jürgen Strauss Photography

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