Dämmerpfoten – Our Winemaking Journey

The Harvest (March 19, 2023) Our journey began with the grape picking weekend at @ShirazRepublic. 🍇 We had an amazing grape picking and crushing weekend, where we were able to experience this age-old tradition firsthand. Not only did we have a blast, but we also learned so much about the process of winemaking and the…

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Building a Collage Image

Shining Lights

There are a lot of tools to build a collage available online. I’ve found all the ones I tried really compromised image quality substantially. So I did this one using Photoshop! Took some time, but I think it’s worth it for the image quality. Here is the process I followed (at least to some degree!).…

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Revisiting Some Older Photos with Luminar NEO and HDR Merge

Steiglitz, Vic, Australia

Loving the new Luminar Neo with the HDR Merge feature and of course the previously available masking capability. So many creative possibilities opened up. Here are four images from a few years ago, 5 exposure brackets, that I was never really happy with the HDR combo previously. Used HDR Merge and some subtle editing with…

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Coconut Island, Phuket – May 2017


In May 2017, we held our first Planning Retreat for the First Fast Business Mastery program, on Coconut Island, Phuket.

Despite a full program each day, I took the opportunity to get out in the morning and the evening to take some photographs in the “blue hour”.

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Avalon Airshow 2017

Avalon Airshow

Avalon Airshow – Airshow Downunder – March 2017     In March every second year, the Avalon Airshow comes to town – virtually in my backyard.  It is always a good opportunity for an exciting collection of photos, that you normally have no way of capturing in such a short space of time.  Here is…

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Manila – September 2016

Manila, September 2016

September 2016 in Manila for tour of offshoring facilities and meeting with team Innovabiz. Saturday morning was free, until our homeward flight and we spent that touring Intramuros historical district. Click on an image thumbnail to enlarge

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Power’s Lookout, Tolmie, Victoria, Australia

Power's Lookout

Power’s Lookout offers an excellent vantage point, stunning views over the King Valley and across to the Victorian High Country and was once the haunt of the ‘Gentlemen Bushranger’ Harry Power. Harry was one of Victoria’s most notorious bushrangers, committing over 30 crimes. He was the bushranger who taught Ned Kelly! The teenage Ned Kelly…

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